Thursday, December 21, 2006

Information Literacy: Full Circle Resource Kits


Some of you may know that in addition to teaching online for UW-Stout, I work for the 21st Century Information Fluency Project at the Illinois Math & Science Academy. Part of what I do is act as editor and content developer for IMSA's Full Circle Resource Kit: A new practical resource for digital searching, evaluation, and ethical use. This is a monthly online publication that deals with Library Media & Ed-Tech issues. We've got articles, online flash based learning games, assessment information & curriculum tie-ins.

We just published our January issue dedicated to Web 2.0. This issue features a podcast and some great information from Joyce Valenza on Blog evaluation. We also have an article by Doug Johnson on use of Wikipedia. Carl Heine has created several flash based tag searching games and a game that helps students practice identifying bias in news clips.

You'll find resources I think we could all use in our online practice. I'd like to invite you all to view the issue by going to . For a free subscription, you'll need to create a login name and password, but it's a relatively painless process.

This is our 6th issue. I hope these free resources are useful to you all!

Happy Holidays,

Dennis O'Connor

21st Century Information Fluency
Online Teaching and Learning

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