Monday, January 01, 2007

Graduate Level: e-Learning & Online Teaching Program: University of Wisconsin-Stout

Want to learn how to teach online? There's a new E-Learning & Online Teaching Program at the University of Wisconsin Stout!

E-Learning is changing when, where, and how we learn. Those of us teaching and learning online are at the vanguard. Technology changes daily and we must too, as we build the flexible habits of mind to adapt and grow in these new virtual environments.

I have been thinking about the kind of experiences and training it takes to be an online instructor. I've talked with experienced online colleagues about what worked best in their training. We all gained a great deal from our formal studies. However it was the hands on experience of actually teaching online that made all the difference.

New Online Training Program

Hands on experience using the tools and practicing facilitation help the theoretical connect with the practical. With this essential idea in mind, I have been working with the instructional staff at UW-Stout to create a graduate level E-Learning and Online Teaching Program.

The courses are designed for both experienced professionals and interested newcomers to online learning.

The courses will appeal to instructors who are interested in designing new online courses, creating hybrid courses, or converting courses from interactive television systems to web-based delivery.

Participants will learn educational and instructional theory as well as practice hands-on application of Internet technology and course management technologies for both hybrid and fully online learning environments.

Want to know more? Drop me an email!

Dennis O'Connor (Program Coordinator)

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