Monday, January 29, 2007

Learning Objects from Wisc-Online

Wisconsin Online Resource Center

I've been exploring this learning object repository for sometime. They have a lot of useful 'stand alone' content. Objects are multimedia based and interactive. This is a database that covers a lot of college level topics (although many of the objects will be useful for high school educators & students as well).

At last count they had 1975 learning objects in their database. Once you join (a free membership) you can link to any of the objects for classroom use. If you're a media author, you can contribute, and possibly be paid for your work.

Many of the newer objects are being developed under grant from the NSF as explained below:

"Many of the new learning objects developed and published this academic year are related to the National Science Foundation's three-year grant to Fox Valley Technical College. These interactive learning objects focus on concepts that cover a broad-based electromechanical program. The majority of these objects have been created for electronics, but during the grant period, which goes until 2008, at least 300 more objects will be built that will focus on topic areas such as hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanical design, and process control. For a complete list, visit -- Kay Chitwood, director."

This one's a keeper!

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