Wednesday, January 10, 2007

UW-Stout E-Learning Program

Hi folks, I'm pulling out the stops and using my Moodle mailer to contact as many of my online colleagues as possible. (I'm also sending this to UW-Stout Email accounts, my apologies if you get this twice.)

I'd like to fill you in on the new E-Learning and Online Teaching program I am coordinating for the University of Wisconsin Stout.

We've got 3 of our E-Learning Courses starting on January 29, 2007, with the 4th, starting in April 2, 2007! Please help me spread the word about our new program by passing this information along to your network?

January 29, 2007

EDUC 744 947F E-Learning for Educators

EDUC 744 955F Creating Collaborative Communities

EDUC 744 959F Assessment in the Online Classroom

April 2, 2007

EDUC 744 960F Instructional Design for Online Learning

Please consider registering for a class or pass this info on to a friend!

Hope to see you online.

(AKA: Wiredinstructor)

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