Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sloodle, Moodle, and Blogging from Second Life

I'm on acronym overload, I'll bet you are too.

So be warned... this post is filled with geek speak.

I just learned about, a hybrid virtual gaming environment built on a Moodle platform. They've got a YouTube video up that demonstrates how to blog through to Moodle from your Second life Avitar.

This stuff is out there. Take a look if you're curious:
This is Turbo Dweeb City, but a fun example of what folks are creating in virtual environments like Second Life.

Does anyone out there have a Second Life account? I signed up when ISTE established a presence, but Im just stumbling around at the moment.

(Wondering about Second Life? Check out this Wiki: )


Jeremy "Kabumpo" Kemp said...

"Turbo Dweeb City"? Is this a compliment? :-) Jeremy Kemp

wiredinstructor said...

Yes Jeremy, I meant this as a compliment. The project is fascinating and I'll be watching to see how it evolves. ~ Dennis