Friday, July 27, 2007

Learn to Teach Online: Graduate classes forming now

This post was originally created by Karen Franker, editor of UW-Stout's Infobytes Newsletter

  • Facilitating Effective Online Discussions
  • Engaging Reluctant Students

Discussion Rubric for Online Class
Lynn Nielsen’s rubric provides an excellent, ready-to-use set of guidelines to assess the quality of online discussion participation.

Dialogue-Intensive Learning
Richard Dool describes how he manages some common student behavior problems, such as: the last-minute poster, the “I agree” person, the dominator, and the contrarian.

UW-Stout online instructor Susan Manning and Dan Balzer, hosts of The Learning Times Green Room, have produced an excellent podcast about lurking. Should online instructors allow students to lurk on the edge of discussions? Are lurkers learning anything?

Top Tips for Moderators of Online Discussion Groups (pdf file)
William Spitzer and others describe the strategies used by effective online moderators, including: asking good questions, promoting reflective dialogue, and setting a motivational and positive tone.

Moderation, Response Rate, and Message Interactivity:Features of Online Communities and Their Effects on Intent to Participate
Kevin Wise and others explain the structural features of an online community which elicit the highest intent to participate, including: moderated discussions, response rate, message interactivity, and the length of time between posts.

Tech Tip – Manage Passwords Easily and Safely With RoboForm
Keeping track of all of the login passwords for every online account and making them secure can be a challenge.
RoboForm keeps track of all your passwords, and generates new, hard-to-crack , encrypted passwords. All you have to remember is one master password, which gives you access to all of your stored passwords.

This free, award-winning software (for Windows only, including Vista) stores 30 passwords. To start using RoboForm, go to the
RoboForm Web site and click on the Download button to download the software to your desktop and install it on your Web browser’s toolbar. For a visual, step-by-step guide on how to use RoboForm, click on the tutorials link on the home page.

Sign up soon for the fall classes in the E-Learning and Online Teaching Certificate Program.
For more information, contact Dennis O’Connor
program advisor at Phone: (530) 318-1145 (West Coast)

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