Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time Management for E-Learning Instructors

Time is Money On Line

Time Management: Teaching Online:
A great list of tips and advice from veteran online teacher Dr. Kay Lehmann.

Be Efficient, Not Busy: Time Management Strategies for Online Teaching "Online teaching redefines the faculty member’s schedule. The feeling of being a 24/7 professor can lead to frustration. Managing one’s time as an online teacher can be a challenge."

Time Management for Online Teachers. This is a breeze video/audio archive. Give it a look/listen?

Time Management Strategies for Online Teaching. This is an excellent, relatively recent (2006) academic research paper on time management. The authors compare Face to Face with online teaching in a number of areas.

Time Management Tips for Online Instructors. This is basic advice for k-12 online teachers from the Connecticut Virtual School


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