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Experts’ Favorite Time-Saving Tech Tip Shortcuts

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Here is a selection of the best time-saving tech tips which recently appeared in David Pogue’s technology column in the New York Times.

Hide All Windows and View the Desktop in One Stroke

Macintosh: Press F11, or on recent Mac laptops Command+F3 (Command Key is just to the left of the spacebar)

Windows: Press the Windows key (between Ctrl and Alt) and D or click on the Show Desktop icon in the Taskbar.

Switch From One Open Program to the Next
Macintosh: Command+Tab
Windows: Alt + Tab

Quickly Toggle Uppercase/Lowercase in MS Word
In Microsoft Word clicking on a word and then pressing Shift+F3 makes a word change from all uppercase to all lowercase to just the first letter upper case.

Enlarge Text on a Web Page
Macintosh: Press Command and the plus key (for smaller fonts, press the minus key)
Windows: Press Ctrl and the plus or minus keys

Web Page URL Typing Shortcut
For Websites ending in .com, such as Amazon, merely type “amazon” in the address bar, and then press Ctrl+Enter (Windows) or Command + Return (Macintosh). This will put the http:// in front of the word amazon, and .com after it and will also take you right to the Website.

Jump To Address Bar in Web Browser
Pressing Alt + D (Windows) takes you to the address bar of most Web browsers. This way you can easily type in the next address instead of having to use the mouse to highlight the address.

Select Multiple Files At Once in Open Windows
Windows: You can individually select multiple files that aren’t right next to each other by highlighting the first file, holding down the Ctrl key, and clicking each additional file.
Macintosh: Same procedure, but press the Command key while clicking each file.

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Reposted with permission of
Karen Franker, Editor Tech Tips for Educators

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