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Google Earth™ Lessons

Tech Tips:
Create PDF’s in Office 2007

Draw Quick Horizontal Lines in Word 2003 & 2004

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Google Earth Lessons
This site is a rich source of high-quality Google Earth lesson plans searchable by subject area. Included are tutorials as well as a Nifty Tricks section for advanced users.

Google Lit Trips
Jerome Burg’s award-winning site provides Google maps of well-known literature to deepen students’ understanding of setting and background. Teachers are encouraged to submit their own literary maps and lesson ideas.

Google Earth Blog
Frank Taylor’s site is full of the latest tips and lessons for getting the most out of Google Earth, including live hurricane tracking. Be sure to check out the PC World Top 10 Amazing Google Earth Add-Ons link for some creative new tools to enhance Google Earth.

Juicy Geography: Google Earth Lessons
This site created by educator Noel Jenkins contains nine ready-to-use lessons on topics such as Stonehenge, safe cities, and wind farms. Juicy Geography’s Google Earth blog includes teaching guides, downloadable files and other resources for teaching Google Earth.

Using Google Earth To Investigate Water FlowI
n this Teacher Tube video, instructor J. Calvert demonstrates how to teach the use of Google Earth’s tools in conjunction with a middle school classroom unit on water.

Tech Tip #1: Create PDFs in Microsoft Office 2007
Office 2007 users can now save any file as a PDF by installing a
downloadable add-on file from Microsoft. After installation, a PDF option will be added to your Save As menu in eight Microsoft Office programs, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Tech Tip #2: Draw Quick Horizontal Lines in Word 2003 (Windows) & 2004 (Mac)
You can create a horizontal line across your Word or Outlook document with just a few keystrokes. Three styles of lines are available.
For a normal thin line, type three consecutive hyphens and press Enter.
For a bold line, type three underscores and press Enter.
For a double line, type three equal signs and press Enter.

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