Friday, November 07, 2008

Try it, you might like it: Social Bookmarking Resources

I've been teaching social bookmarking as part of my e-learning classes for some time. Social bookmarking is always a difficult concept to get across. Truly, it's something you need to actually do in order to begin to grasp the power of this web 2.0 technology.

On a basic level, you move your bookmarks from your browser to a website where you can get to them from any computer connected to the Internet.

On a social level you can build a trusted community of searchers who share their results by 'tagging' the content with descriptive words.

This technology lets you go beyond searching to sharing results and insights with other humans. Hear are some resources I tagged and/or annotated using Diigo, a user friendly social bookmarking service. Try it! You may like it!

*Thanks to the readers who wrote to tell me that many of the links in this post were dead. I've revised the post with new resources! ~ Dennis


Natalia said...

These bookmarking resources are not only excellent for their social value, but also because they save users enormous amounts of time -- instead of organizing bookmarks into folders, one can quickly bookmark and tab, and later simply search for the link(s) you need, instead of going through myriad folders, which are a nuisance to categorize and keep in order. Gmail functions in the same way.

wiredinstructor said...

Searching is my preferred method too Natalia. This is what hooked me on Gmail. I can search all of my old mail, which means my chances of finding what I need go way up.

By searching tags on systems like diigo & delicious I can easily find my own bookmarks and discover the bookmarks of others in the social network!

Thanks so much for your comment! ~ Dennis

Aleksandar M. Velkoski said...

I'm new to Social Bookmarking, but the links you've provided will prove to be beneficial to my development within this topic. I still don't fully understand the concept, but these things take time. Thank you for the post.