Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Diigo Insights

Diigo is a remarkable social bookmarking system that let's you mark up a page with highlights and sticky notes and share those notes with your research groups. In this article, Miquel Guhlin explains how Diigo can be used with the Thinkfinity archive of teaching resources to create a slide show oriented pathfinder.

  • More on innovative uses of diigo from Miquel Guhlin. The use of diigo's list and slide features to create a 'pathfinder' for any thematic topic is intriguing.

    Use Diigo, the social bookmarking and annotation tool, to help organize your bookmarks, and then use the slides feature of Diigo to present the web pages to students, colleagues and friends. This article addresses how to accomplish this and responds to these key questions:

    1. What is Thinkfinity?
    2. How can you use Diigo to store your favorite bookmarks, annotations (highlights and comments) for Thinkfinity?
    3. How can you use the List and Slide features of Diigo to present Thinkfinity resources to others?
    4. How can you enhance your Diigo Slide with audio?

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    • The List feature is described in this way by Diigo:

      “List” is a great way to organize, share and display specific collections of bookmarks. Once you add bookmarks to your list, you can easily drag and drop items to arrange the order in any sequence that you’d like to present.
      Best of all, once you create a list, when you click the button, you can browse, play and annotate any list of URLs as a slide show! It’s great for content browsing, sharing, and creating unique presentations based on web content.

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here. (Diigo also provides a nice automatic feed of bookmarks and annotations to this blog.. a very handy feature indeed.  ~ Dennis

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