Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Create Engaging Content With Free Video Tools

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The ability to capture screen images and create video tutorials is of tremendous value in creating engaging learning experiences.

UStream: create live interactive broadcasts

Jing: capture and record screen images (must download and install free software)

ScreenToaster: capture and record screen images

7 Things You Should Know About….Screencasting (PDF file)
The Educause staff answers top questions about screencasting, including: who is doing it, how does it work, why is it significant, and what are the implications for teaching and learning.

7 Things You Should Know About ….Ustream (PDF file)
The Educause staff provides an overview of the free broadcasting tool Ustream, including technical requirements and how UStream enhances interactive instruction.

Teaching With Jing
Elaine Settergren’s Slideshare presentation shows how easy it is to use Jing to capture screen images, comment on students’ work and create short video tutorials.

Top 10 THINGS to Do With JINGS
Mike Curtis shares a list of creative ways to use Jing, including giving verbal feedback on assignments, capturing information, and recording computer problems for tech support staff.

Use ScreenToaster to Create a Video Lesson
R.M. Byrne shares examples of a video lesson on plate tectonics recorded in ScreenToaster by educator Joe Robinson.

ScreenToaster Adds Support For YouTube Uploads, MOV downloads
Brad Linder describes the latest enhancements to ScreenToaster, including uploading videos to YouTube, setting privacy levels and sharing videos via social networking sites.

Tech Tip: Automatically Open Favorite Websites on Startup in IE7 and Firefox

For quick and easy access to your most frequently-used Websites, you can set up Internet Explorer and Firefox to automatically open those sites in new tabs every time you start up the browser.

For Internet Explorer 7:

1. Go to the Tools menu and choose Internet Options.

2. Click on the General tab. In the white space below the Home page caption, type in (or copy and paste) the URL’s of your most frequently-accessed Websites. Be sure to type each address on its own line.

3. Click OK.

4. Close Internet Explorer, then open it, and all of the URLs that you entered will open in separate tabs in the order in which you typed them.

For Firefox:

1. Go to the Tools menu and choose Options. (Mac users, go to the Firefox menu and choose Preferences.)

2. Click on the Main icon, and in the Home Page text box type in your favorite URLs in the order that you want them to open. Be sure to separate each URL with a pipe mark “|” (located above the Enter key).

3. Quit out of Firefox, re-open it, and your selected favorite pages will open in separate tabs.

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Reposted with permission. Originally Posted in Tech Tips for Educators by Karen Franker, Editor @ 4/8/09

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