Friday, April 10, 2009

What if learning could be as fun as Appy Newz?

I hear many teachers complain about the blank-eyed apathy they see in their students everyday.

I also know that there a many classrooms where the excitement is tangible and the eyes of all are on fire with interest. Clubbing creativity and innovation to death for the last 8 years has taken a toll on teachers and students. Perhaps it's time to shake a little disruptive technology on that bland test driven curriculum?

What if learning could be as fun as Appy Newz?

How many schools have banned cell phones? How many teachers squirm in rage while the kids text under their desks?

Why not flip that angst and energy into an embrace for Mobile Learning? Check out Apple's Mobile Learning and iTunes U

Live, right now, and in your face...

So stop writing that grant you need to buy response clickers. All that shaking going on is from the remarkable disruptive technology of smart phones and apps. (Response Clickers? Why not just let the kids text their responses with live polling?)

Ok, I'll give up this much, iTunes U and Live polling won't be as much fun as shaking it up with Appy Newz! But they will help banished the dreaded 1000-yard stare of kids counting the minutes until they can get out of class and learn something!

The Professor will now fall off his soapbox!

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