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Online Polling and Survey Tools For End-of-Year Projects

Online Polling and Survey Tools For End-of-Year Projects

This week's blog focuses on the most popular free online survey and polling tools used by educators and students.  Explore a variety of ways to quickly gather data to enhance class projects and gather valuable feedback in primary, secondary and college classrooms.
The Numerically Literate Classroom
Danielle Samperi lists eleven benefits of using online survey tools, including helping students become numerically literate.

Tips For a Successful School Survey
The staff at has created a list of useful tips to consider when creating classroom surveys, including understanding your feedback objectives and encouraging balanced and thoughtful responses.

Assessment Strategies: Online Surveys and Polls
The staff at the University of Connecticut’s School of Education describes how formative and summative assessments can be accomplished with free online survey and polling tools, such as Survey Monkey, Poll Daddy, and Poll Everywhere.
Using Online Surveys in the Classroom
The BC Seoul ICT Blog describes four ways to use surveys with students and five advantages of using survey tools such as Survey Monkey and Doodle.

Three Popular Online Survey Tools: What They Give For Free

Michaela Mora provides a detailed table comparing the features included in Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo, and Zoomerang.

Doodle – A Quick, Easy and Free Resource For Creating Polls
K. Walsh summarizes why Doodle is an excellent, user-friendly online tool for creating quick polls, and is also a great way to determine everyone’s availability when scheduling meetings.

An Educator’s Introduction to PollEverywhere (YouTube video: 5 min.)
Brian Mull shows how to use the free tool Poll Everywhere for audience polling via cellphones or a Website. Results are updated instantly, and the tool is useful for both online and face-to-face classes.

Tech Tip: Four “Must Know” Macintosh and Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Tips:
Tip #1: Quickly view the desktop: Press the Windows key (to the left of the spacebar) in combination with the M key, and you will be taken back to the desktop without having to minimize all of your open windows.

Tip #2: Copy text formatting: When using Microsoft Word, Control+Shift+C copies the formatting of highlighted text. Next, highlight the text area where you would like to apply the formatting, and then press Control+Shift+V.  (On a Mac, use the Command key instead of Control).

Mac Tips:
Tip #1. Use Click + Spacebar to quickly preview files: On the Mac desktop or in a window, click once to highlight a file name, then tap the spacebar once. This gives a quick document preview without opening the program. If you select multiple documents by Shift- clicking on each item, then tapping the spacebar, you get a slideshow. Tap the spacebar again to close. (Mac OS 10.5 and above)

Tip #2. Press Command +  (Command key and the “plus” key) to quickly enlarge the items on a Web page in Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.
Final Call for Summer Online Classes

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There are two popular survey tools that I am aware of. Survey Tool and Survey Monkey, although both are good programs. Survey Tool does have a more user friendly interface.