Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Mad Frenchman within....

For years I've investigated the Irish side of the family. Makes sense. I carry the name O'Connor which makes me Irish as patty's pig... But then my grandfather's name was Henri... at least on the French side the tech blood seems to have taken an artistic flair!

I'm typing this in as I play with picasa's new Blog this feature.

Might this be a better blog for the e-learning program? Mindsay has some nice features, but Have I really given good old blogger.com a fair trail.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Initial Impressions

D2L has grade book notation features that outshine eCollege and Blackboard. The ability to leave notes to students, notes to self, and to time the release of grade view makes it more flexible than other cms systems.

Also useful is the 'impersonation feature' that lets you view the course from the p.o.v. of students.


Server overload at UW limits speed and produces errors. This erodes credibility. Still this is a university issue, not a d2l issue.

Work on getting custom configuration options for staff.

Global permissions enforced by computer services and supported by statements like " the majority of professors want it this way" are a serious limitation. If the majority of online teachers are dealing with undergraduates and using the system at an unsophisticated level, using their so called 'consensus' choices is the tail wagging the dog.

More later as the thoughts move me.