Thursday, December 21, 2006

Information Literacy: Full Circle Resource Kits


Some of you may know that in addition to teaching online for UW-Stout, I work for the 21st Century Information Fluency Project at the Illinois Math & Science Academy. Part of what I do is act as editor and content developer for IMSA's Full Circle Resource Kit: A new practical resource for digital searching, evaluation, and ethical use. This is a monthly online publication that deals with Library Media & Ed-Tech issues. We've got articles, online flash based learning games, assessment information & curriculum tie-ins.

We just published our January issue dedicated to Web 2.0. This issue features a podcast and some great information from Joyce Valenza on Blog evaluation. We also have an article by Doug Johnson on use of Wikipedia. Carl Heine has created several flash based tag searching games and a game that helps students practice identifying bias in news clips.

You'll find resources I think we could all use in our online practice. I'd like to invite you all to view the issue by going to . For a free subscription, you'll need to create a login name and password, but it's a relatively painless process.

This is our 6th issue. I hope these free resources are useful to you all!

Happy Holidays,

Dennis O'Connor

21st Century Information Fluency
Online Teaching and Learning

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Power of RSS Feeds

If you're hungry for information, feed yourself with RSS. The latest versions of both I.E & Firefox have highly improved RSS feedreaders. With a little noodling around you can set up feeds that will sate your appetite for ed-tech info (or anything else for that matter).

Here's a 'pre-digested' overview of RSS with annotated links and fine resources from the Editor of the UW-Stout Infobytes Newsletter. InfoBytes is posted on blogger and also e-mailed to subscribers. I watch it via RSS and have an email sub!

You can also subscribe to an email version of the Newsletter:

It's easy to subscribe - just send an email to
.... or sign up online:

Solid information! ~ Dennis

Friday, December 08, 2006

E-Learning Course Announcement

Please share this announcement.

University of Wisconsin-Stout School of Education offers E-Learning and Online Teaching courses beginning in January

Earn graduate credits via online courses that support your professional development goals for certification renewal or advanced certification. 

Each class is designed for individuals who wish to teach via Internet-delivered e-learning. Participants will learn educational and instructional theory as well as practical hands-on application of course management technologies for both hybrid and fully online learning environments.

The courses are designed for high school, community and technical college instructors. Both newcomers and those with online teaching experience will find these classes useful and practical.

Classes are TOTALLY ONLINE. You may participate from your home or school computer. Registration is limited to 20 participants per section.

Fax#:  (715) 232-3385

Payment plan option is available or pay via credit card, school purchase order or invoice.

For more information, contact Dennis O'Connor, E-Learning Coordinator.
Phone: 530-318-1145

UW-Stout Infobytes

UW-Stout InfoBytes Newsletter

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  • Timely

  • Well written

  • Lots of links to goodies

  • Worth a deeper look!


University of Wisconsin: E-Learning and Online Teaching Program

Course Descriptions and Start Dates

EDUC 744 947F E-learning for Educators

3 cr. begins January 29, 2007

This course introduces educators to e-learning and online teaching. Learners explore fully online and blended methods of training with online systems. Activities include hands-on experience with free online surveys, rubrics, quizzes, blogs, search tools and discussion systems and practice using Moodle. The emphasis is on what you can use right now in your teaching practice.

EDUC 744 955F Online Classroom: Creating Collaborative Communities

3 cr. begins January 29, 2007

Vibrant online learning communities encourage motivated independent learners. This course demonstrates the dynamics of web-based, facilitated discussion. Course participants will actively: facilitate, explore questioning skills, conflict resolution, netiquette, and collaborative learning through problem solving scenarios, simulations, and online discussions. This course is for educators who want to become highly qualified in facilitating online learning in hybrid or fully online courses.

EDUC 744 959 Assessment in the Online Classroom

3 cr. begins January 29, 2007

Explore performance-based assessment, summative and formative feedback methods to assess student learning in the online classroom. Discover best practices for grading procedures, prevention of plagiarism in the digital environment, electronic evaluation tools, electronic record keeping systems and time saving methods for evaluating e-portfolios, discussion postings, and group projects.

EDUC 744 960 Instructional Design for Online Learning

3 cr. begins April 2, 2007

Evaluation, discussion, and application of instructional design theories and principles for online learning. Examination of self-paced, hybrid and facilitated online learning modules delivered via course management systems. Scenario based simulations and case study analysis. Creating interactive multimedia learning objects. Application of accessibility and usability guidelines in web-based course design.

Registration for spring semester is available online at:

Each class is designed for K-12 teachers who wish to learn how to design and teach online courses. The courses are designed for high school science, mathematics, foreign language, Advance Placement (AP) and Honors course instructors, as well as language arts and social studies faculty. Both newcomers and those with online teaching experience will find these classes useful and practical. Emphasis is placed on the practical application of e-learning technology to your immediate instructional needs.