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What is the Educational Value of Podcasts?

Debating the Educational Value of Podcasts

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Tech Tip: Three Must-Know Podcasting Microphone Tips

Podcasting: A Teaching With Technology White Paper (PDF file)
Ashley Deal explores the question: does podcasting have any inherent educational value, or is it just a passing trend?

7 Things You Should Know About Podcasting (PDF file)
The EduCause staff summarizes the pro’s and con’s of podcasting, and the implications for teaching and learning.

Karen’s Mashups: Elementary Student Productions
Karen Fasimpaur provides a compilation of links to elementary student podcasts which demonstrate the finest uses of podcasting.

Rubric for Podcasts
UW-Stout online instructor Ann Bell has created an excellent rubric for evaluating student podcasts.

Tech Tip Three Must-Know Podcasting Microphone Tips
(Adapted from Andy Williams Affleck, author of
Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac)

Many podcasts suffer from poor quality in the audio. The proper use of a microphone can greatly enhance your podcasts. Here are three top tips for maximizing the effectiveness of any microphone:

1. Don’t put the mike too close to your mouth: Position it a few inches away so you do not breathe directly into it. This helps prevent "plosives," or popping sounds, generated by the letter P, and helps reduce S sounds.

2. Angle the mike: If possible, point the microphone down toward your mouth from above to reduce plosives, nasal tones, and lip-smacking sounds.

3. Use a windscreen: If you can get a mike with a windscreen--a foam shield that covers the mike--it helps a great deal in preventing wind noise when outside. Some people swear by a variation made by stretching a piece of nylon pantyhose over a hoop placed in front of the mike.

What Our Students Are Saying…

About the Digital Media and Visual Literacy class:

"This course was exactly what I wanted and needed. Because of this course, I feel that I am equipped to include multimedia projects in my journalism courses. I am happy with this class and very happy that it met my expectations.”
~ Instructor, Madison Area Technical College, Madison, Wisconsin

"What I liked best was that it answered questions that I would never have known to ask...in other words, it enlightened me to what I actually needed to know about video in order to not only use it more effectively, but teach it!"
~ Art, Computer Art, Video Production Teacher - Wurzburg, Germany

"I have realized that using digital media in the class is a magnificent motivational tool. It allows students to perform and perfect essential life skills such as problem solving, responsibility, cooperation, planning ahead, following a timeline, and perseverance just to name a few."
~ Elementary Teacher - Taichung, Taiwan

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