Sunday, August 10, 2008

Flattening the Classroom

Seven Steps to a Flat Classroom
In this Slide share presentation, Vicki Davis describes and illustrates the seven essential principles for an effective flat classroom.

Flattening the World: How to Harness Web 2.0 Tools To Engage Learners Inside and Outside the Classroom
Doug Balsa’s Slide share presentation shows how educators can get started in creating a truly global classroom.

The Five Phases of Flattening a Classroom

Vicki Davis describes the tools and student competencies needed for each phase of evolving into a collaborative and global “classroom without walls”.

Flatten Your Classroom and Embrace 21st Century Learning (Slide Share presentation)
Julie Lindsay’s conference presentation provides an overview of how the flat classroom concept supports 21st century learning skills.

Flat Classroom Project Student Awards
Award-winning examples of student videos created as part of the Flat Classroom Project.

Tech Tip: Embed YouTube, Teacher Tube or Google Videos on Your Website

It is very useful to insert playable imported videos within your Web page or blog so that users have quick access. Here’s how to quickly embed video code from YouTube:
1. Locate the video on YouTube.
2. To the right of the area where the video displays (under the video description), you will see a field called Embed followed by HTML code.
3. Copy and paste all of that HTML code into the HTML View of your Website or blog post. Hint: Be sure to paste the code in the area of your page where you want the video to appear.

This trick will work on all popular video sites. Just look for the option that says Video Code, Embed Video or Put This Video on Your Page. Remember to include a citation with the title and creator of the video as well as a hyperlink to the original source.

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